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The Duke Clone is an enemy introduced in the The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC for Duke Nukem Forever.


The Duke Clones are mirror images of Duke Nukem that are being manufactured en masse by Dr. Proton. However, several differences with the real Duke are highlighted throughout the game. First, they lack Duke's physical strength, since Duke is able to kill one with his bare hands and defeat another in an arm wrestling match. Second, their voices all sound like auto-tuned voice recordings. Third, they fall over like stiff pieces of metal when killed, rather than collapsing like an organic body would. Finally, they lack his sense of humor, a fact that Dr. Valencia used to determine that Duke was in fact the real Duke Nukem.

On The Clone Carousel, capsules containing Area 51 Security Robots are shown being manufactured in a giant facility. Near the end of the facility, identical capsules containing Duke Clones emerge, suggesting the clones may be machine-human hybrids. However, the Duke Clones and Area 51 Security Robots do not appear to be identical. In particular, the Duke Clones are more agile in combat, and on Me, Myself, and I, the Area 51 Security Robots are shown policing the Duke Clones, suggesting Dr. Proton does not consider them fully interchangeable.

Combat Analysis[]

Like their slower Security Bot counterparts, Duke Clones are very capable in combat. They move a lot faster and are good at taking cover. Their health is decent, but do not require an excessive amount of firepower to defeat. Most of the ones early on (aside from the testing area) are not equipped with weapons; they will run up to Duke as quickly as they can and use melee attacks to defeat him. Later on they are encountered fully equipped with an assortment of the usual weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Rippers and the occasional RPG; on one occasion, one was observed using a Shrink Ray. Fortunately, most of the time the player encounters them with weapons, they are not alone, and can allow their allies to assist in destroying them.

Shrink Ray works quite well at shrinking them and Expander will short them out, much like an EMP, disabling them for several seconds.

Duke Clones have not been observed throwing Pipe Bombs at the player (or allies) directly, but will throw them at the alien forces.


  • After Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (Mech Morphix's robot) andDuke Nukem: Zero Hour (Duke Clones), the Dukeinators (flesh version only) mark the third time in the Duke Nukem franchise an enemy was designed to look like Duke Nukem.
  • Several inoperative Duke Clones can be found on the moon, having already made previous attempts to defeat the Alien Empress. One even managed to find it's way inside her, thus leaving behind weapons and ammunition for Duke to use against her.
  • The 'International Duke Committee' that Duke must eventually engage in Me, Myself and I have 50 health, instead of the usual 135. This can allow the player to easily earn the achievement "Threesome".
Weapon Effectivenesses
4 strikes
2 strikes
M1911 Pistol
7 shots
1 shell
15 shots
1 shot
2 rockets
7 rockets
Shrink Ray
Shrink Ray
1 blast
Freeze Ray
1.125 seconds
Freeze Ray (3D)
4 cubes
AT Laser
3 bursts
AT Captain Laser
7 lasers
Enforcer Gun
1 shot
Pipe Bomb
2 pipebombs
Trip Mine
2 mines
3 shots
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
  • Note: these are non-head shot values only
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