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DukePlus, sometimes also written as "Duke Plus," is a mod and total conversion designed for EDuke32. It was created by Dan Gaskill and first released November 17, 2007, but it continues to receive updates into the 2020s.

DukePlus was designed to enhance and extend the gameplay in Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. Although a standard set of additional levels comes packaged with the mod, the mod was intended to allow other players to design custom user maps that could run specifically in DukePlus, taking advantage of the various enhancements.

Enhanced features

The full list of new features in DukePlus is long. Here is an abridged list of some of the notable enhancements:

  • Deep menu of toggleable enhancements and gameplay modifiers
  • Better enemy customization
  • Translucent water
  • Climbable ladders
  • Grabbable and pushable objects
  • Optional weapon replacements and alternate fire modes
  • Player ally AI
  • Sector-based dynamic lighting system
  • Gore and weapon damage effects

Packaged add-on levels

DukePlus allows anyone to create custom user maps that take advantage of the mod's gameplay enhancements, and many such DukePlus maps are found on Duke Nukem websites. However, the following levels come packaged with all downloads of the mod:

  • Blackened by Alejandro Glavic
  • Blown Fuses by Gambini
  • Desert Base by Mia Max
  • Duke Plus Community Build Project 1 by Gambini, Mikko Sandt, Crux Borealis, Rigelblast, the van Oostrum brothers, and Dan Gaskill
  • Dukecide by Mikko Sandt
  • From Base To Base 2 by CarThief
  • Haunted Castle by Mia Max
  • Have Fun Storming The Castle by SalaciusCrumb
  • Nightshade Army by Mike Norvak
  • Project Zero by Spiker
  • Scar City by Spiker
  • Sewerside by Iggy (map file included, though it does not appear in the DukePlus hub world)
  • Sunshine Complex by Zykov Eddy
  • Tribute To Action II by Danny Mason
  • Wonderful Christmas Time by James Stanfield

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