Duke-Burger is a secret level in Duke Nukem 64 that can be reached via a secret exit in Gun Crazy. It is adapted from the original Duke-Burger in the Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D, but it has been modified and slightly expanded.

Duke-Burger is preceded by Gun Crazy and followed by Death Row.


There are 5 secrets on this level.

Secret 1: Air Vent In The Bomb Shelter

After blowing your way out of the shipping facility at the beginning of the level, enter the bomb shelter in the basement of the building next door. One of the air vents in this bomb shelter is considered a secret area and contains ammo for the Shotgun.

Duke-Burger 1

Secret 2: Hidden Ventilation Duct Outside Duke Burger

Head to the side of the Duke Burger restaurant where there is an Atomic Health sitting in the drive-through window. An archway is hanging over the drive-through window. Climb up the outer side of this archway to discover a hidden ventilation duct (see the screenshot below).

Duke-Burger 2

Secret 3: Hidden Compartment Above The Red Access Card

In the office with the red access card, flip the switch behind the desk to open a secret compartment above the boxes in the corner. The compartment will automatically close after a few seconds, so if you miss your chance, then just flip the switch and try again.

Duke-Burger 3

Secret 4: Hidden Revolving Door

In the room with a scale for weighing meat (at the end of the conveyor belt), flip the light switch. You will discover that this is not actually a light switch; it activates a hidden revolving door. Without accidentally squishing yourself in the door, follow the revolving door into a secret area with a captive babe and Grenade Launcher.

Duke-Burger 4

Secret 5: Behind The Hanging Pig

In the room with the hanging pigs, there is a hidden door in a lighter section of the wall behind one of the pigs. Inside, there is a secret compartment with Pipe Bombs.

Duke-Burger 5


There are 3 babes to rescue on this level.

Babe 1: Alleyway

The first babe is in the alleyway across from the drive-through window.

Duke-Burger babe 1

Babe 2: Hidden Revolving Door

The second babe is through the hidden revolving door from Secret 4 above.

Duke-Burger babe 2

Babe 3: End Of The Level

After approaching the exit button at the end of the level, a cage will emerge, preventing you from reaching the exit button. At the same time, hidden compartments will open on both sides of the room, and you will be ambushed by Pig Cops. In the hidden compartment that opens on the right-hand side, there is a captive babe that you will need to rescue before the level automatically ends.

Duke-Burger babe 3

Changes from Duke Nukem 3D

The player now begins the level in a shipping facility that has been added inside the building to the right of the original start location. Some of the buildings surrounding the restaurant have been made accessible via air vents, while others have gained locked entrances and other cosmetic features. The kitchen inside the restaurant is now accessible via normal air vents, rather than requiring Duke to shrink. Because the next level is Death Row, Duke is captured by the aliens in the room at the end of this level, similar to the normal ending of Red Light District ("Gun Crazy" in Duke Nukem 64). To match other levels in L.A. Meltdown, all Pig Cop Tanks and Protector Drones have been replaced with Pig CopsProtector Drones (renamed "Alien Beasts") but not Pig Cop Tanks appear later in the game in Area 51. In order to meet Nintendo's standards, all references to dog meat have been removed.

Duke Burger shipping

Shipping facility at the start of the level. The only way out of this room is by detonating the explosives on the right.

Duke Burger capture

End of the level, after the cage (silver wall on the right) has already emerged, preventing Duke from approaching the exit button. Pig Cops emerge from hidden compartments that open on the sides, one of which is visible in this photo (left).

See the Levels (DN64) page for a complete list of Duke Nukem 64 levels and their differences from the PC version, including screenshots.

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