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Duke Nukem is occasionally seen riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle in his games, most notably Duke Nukem: Time to Kill,Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes and the 2001 Build of Duke Nukem Forever.

Time to Kill intro[]


Dukes bike at the ending of TTK

The Bike makes it's first and biggest appearance in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill when Duke rides it into the city to get to the strip club, Bootylicious. After Duke leaves it to enter the club, the aliens enter Duke's timeline via time machine and attempt to kill Duke, but he easily overpowers them and steps outside only to see his beloved motorcycle get turned into a pink girl's bicycle by some space-time continuum force caused by the aliens. In his anger Duke kicks the bicycle across the street and continues to slaughter the aliens.

The motorcycle appears again after Duke saved the Earth's history from the aliens exactly where he left it at the start of the game, and it appears that since Duke altered the history back to its original time, his bike was never turned into the bicycle, so he starts it and rides on it out of the city.

Land of the Babes intro[]


Duke Riding his bike in Land of the Babes

The motorcycle appears again in the Land of the Babes intro where Duke rides it to the same strip club again, however the bike is never seen again in the game after Duke abandons it to enter the strip club.

Duke Nukem Forever (2001)[]


The bike in DNF (2001)

The Bike was intended to appear as a drivable vehicle in Duke Nukem Forever until it was cut, it seemed that Duke was able to do many tricks with the bike, like sliding it under a truck's trailer.