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Duke!ZONE is a shovelware expansion pack released in 1996 by WizardWorks for Duke Nukem 3D. Its title may be stylized as Duke!ZONE 500 in order to differentiate it from Duke!ZONE 150, which was subsequently released as a condensed version of Duke!ZONE.

The expansion pack contains 500 user maps that were collected from the Internet and BBSes. The pack also includes a front-end for map selection, a utility for editing CON scripts, utilities for packing and unpacking GRP files, and a Build tutorial. All of the included materials are available for free online.

WizardWorks later included all of the maps from Duke!ZONE in the follow-up expansion pack, Duke!ZONE II, in 1997. However, the maps from the first Duke!ZONE were not included in the Kill-A-Ton Collection versions of Duke!ZONE II.


Duke!ZONE 500 is the first installment in a series of similar releases:


The maps included in the expansion pack have been criticized for their poor quality, while the utilities and Build tutorial are now obsolete and outdated. Many of the maps are duplicates or slight variations of the same map. Other maps are unfinished templates used for teaching or learning how to use the map editing utilities. Still others are impossible to finish or are completely unplayable.


File Author Level Type
{BOOM!}.map Michael Gansel (GansLick) {BOOM!} SP
2STORY.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) 2STORY DM
3ARENAS.map Josh Jersild (Phantom) The 3 Arenas! DM
4BUILD Steven Fincham (DoggyDog) 4 Buildings of Destruction DM
ABBYS.map John Baker (Hunter) ABBYS DM
AFTRLIFE.map David Whitman Afterlife DM
AIRLOCK.map Clive Bridgman & Dean Theobald Airlock SP, DM
AIRMOBIL.MAP Unknown Air Mobility DM
AIRPORT.map Jason Gillen & Zac Champ Airport SP, DM
ALIENS.map Bill Hess The Alien Complex SP
ALLEY.map Unknown Alley SP
ALLWEST.map B. Krash Allwest SP
ALPHA_X.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) Alpha_X DM
AMTRAK.MAP Unknown Amtrak SP, DM
ANARCHY Cameron Guest (STELTH) Anarchy SP, DM
ANGEL1.map Marc Fontaine ArchAngel's Dukematch 1 DM
AQUA.map Ben Roffelsen Aqua SP, DM
AQUA2.map Ben Roffelsen Aqua2 SP, DM
AREN.map Unknown Aren DM
ARENA.map Nick Vlku (Cranium) Dukematch Arena DM
ARENA2.map Killer J Arena 2 DM
ARKANGEL.map Unknown Arkangel SP
ARMGDN.map Lord Belial Armagedon SP
ASSAULT.map Ryan Weisenberger Assault DM
ASTRAL.map Unknown Astral DM
ATTACK3.MAP Unknown Attack3 SP
AWESOME9.MAP Unknown Awesome9 DM
BABIESPG.MAP TonTTu Babies Playground DM
BANG.map Tom Collinson BANG! DM
BAR2.map Unknown Bar2 DM
BAR2PLAY.MAP Unknown Bar2Play DM
BARTMAP1.map Jim Wiscarson (Bartman) Bartmap1 DM
BARTMAP2.map Jim Wiscarson (Bartman) Bartmap 2 DM
BARTMAP3.map Jim Wiscarson (Bartman) Bartmap3 DM
BARTZIG.map Kodiak Bear Bartzig13 DM
BASES.map Sam Colclough Bases DM
BESTESTX.MAP Unknown Bestestx SP
BESTFRAG.MAP Unknown Bestfrag DM
BETAONE.map Robert Travis Beta One SP, DM
BH4.MAP Homer The ultimate boothill level 4 DM
BHS.map Brian Gerrard Bloomington High School SP
BIGCITY.map Dustin Keys (Chump) Big City DM
BLAST.map Dan Stanton & David Brooks Blast DM
BLITZ.MAP Unknown Blitz DM
BLOCK.map Paul K. Miller Block DM
BLOCKWAR.map Demian Holmberg (Wolfgang) & Preston Packard (Sluggboy) Blockwar DM
BLOOD.map Blood & Q-Waste Blood SP, DM
BMW3.map Brian Ward BMW3 SP
BODY.map Marc Gallagher The Killer Body DM
BRAD&CO3.map Brad Edgeworth Brad & Co. 3 DM
BRAD&CO4.map Brad Edgeworth & William Langford Brad & Co. 4 DM
BRAWL.map Andrew Luxem The Dukematch Brawl DM
BREAK_IN.MAP Unknown Break_In SP
BRIDGEOD.map Karl Weeks Bridges O' Duke(match) DM
BRIDGES.map Gene Kirby Bridges DM
BUILDING.MAP Unknown Building DM
BUNKER.map RoadRunner Bunker DM
BUNKER08.map Unknown Bunker08 SP
BUNKER2.MAP Unknown Bunker2 SP
CABUM.map Luis Junqueira Cabum DM
CAFE.MAP Unknown Cafe DM
CALIFORN.MAP Dawn Burgess & Bryon Burgess Burgess Inc. SP
CANYON.map John Mooney Canyon DM
CANYON3.map Mark A. Flores Canyon3 DM
CANYONXL.map Farmer The Canyon Extra Large DM
CARNIVAL.map David Whitman Carnival SP, DM
CASPER.map Steve Schulte Casper House DM
CASTLE.map TomL Castle DM
CASTLEF1.MAP Unknown CastleF1 DM
CAVERN.MAP Unknown Cavern DM
CEMENT.map Chris Dingwall Wet Cement SP, DM
CHAMBERS.map Unknown Chambers N/A
CHAOS.map Bret Mette Chaos SP, DM
CHEKRBRD.MAP Unknown Checkerboard DM
CHEVY.map Corey Cheby DM
CHRIS.map Unknown Chris DM
CHURCH.map Sven Preuá (Viper) Church of Satan DM
CIRCLE7.MAP Richard Bogad Circle7 DM
CITY.map Gavin Pettit City of Death DM
CITYLIT.map Little Little's City DM
CITYPARK.map TonTTu City Park DM
CITYST.MAP Unknown City Street SP
CITYWAR1.map Rex Engel City War DM
CLARKST.map Mike Aparicio Clark Street SP, DM
CLUB.MAP Unknown Club DM
CONCERT.map Steve Schulte Concert Arena DM
CONFUSED.map Unknown Confused DM
CONGO4.map Unknown Congo4 DM
COOLCLUB.map Unknown Cool Club SP
COREBA9.map Unknown Core Base SP
COREBASE.MAP Unknown Core Base SP
CORRIDOR.map Jason Underwater Corridors DM
CRAP.MAP Unknown Crap DM
CRASH4.MAP Unknown Crash4 SP
CRTYARD.map Robert Chapman Court Yard DM
D14.map Joseph Anyhony Lunar1 DM
D3DARENA.map Ralgha Duke3D Arena SP, DM
D3DRILL.map David Davidson (Driller) D3Drill DM
DABOMB.map Chavis Breland (Sunspot) Da Bomb SP
DAN2.MAP Unknown Dan2 DM
DANZIG01.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Vannatta DANZIG Level 01 DM
DANZIG02.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Vannatta DANZIG Level 02 DM
DANZIG03.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Weldon DANZIG Level 03 DM
DANZIG05.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Vannatta DANZIG Level 05 DM
DANZIG06.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Weldon DANZIG Level 06 DM
DANZIG07.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Vannatta DANZIG Level 07 DM
DANZIG08.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Vannatta DANZIG Level 08 DM
DANZIG09.map Jay Scott (Chookman) & B. Vannatta DANZIG Level 09 DM
DARKCITY.MAP Unknown Dark City SP
DAVE1.map Unknown Dave1 DM
DAVEPYR.MAP Unknown Dave Pyramid DM
DAYOFF.map John Mooney Duke's Day Off SP, DM
DBLSPACE.map John Mooney Double Space SP, DM
DEATH.MAP Unknown Death DM
DEMI.map Unknown Demi DM
DEMOLISH.map Kevin Schleicher (Crazy) Demolish SP, DM
DESSLIT.map Little Little's Dessert DM
DEVMAP5.map Nic Linley (Seither) SPAZE BALLZ! DM
DEVMAP7.map Nic Linley (Seither) SPAZE BALLZ! DM
DEVMAP9.map Nic Linley (Seither) SPAZE BALLZ 9! DM
DFACTORY.MAP Farmer The Death Factory DM
DFEST.map Ryan Perry DukeFest DM
DHOUSE.MAP Unknown Dave's House DM
DISCRETE.map Pelle Nilsson & Markus Bengtsson Discrete SP
DM-HOUSE.map Alan Dean Deathmatch House DM
DM1.map Ralgha Duke3D Arena SP, DM
DM2.map Unknown DM2 DM
DM3.map Unknown DM3 DM
DM4.map Unknown Air Mobility DM
DM5.map Andy Kendall Streets DM
DM6.map Gavin Pettit Pools of Doom!!! DM
DM7.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) Flanor DM
DM8.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) 2STORY DM
DM9.map Ben Napora Hockey DM
DM10.MAP Unknown Vimdeath DM
DM11.MAP Dave Nighstalkers Nightstalkers DM
DM12.map Unknown Rad Man DM
DM13.map Nic Linley & Pat Denney Duke Mall DM
DM14.map David Davidson (Driller) D3Drill DM
DM15.map Unknown Bunker2 SP
DM16.map Unknown DM16 DM
DM17.map Nic Linley (Seither) SPAZE BALLZ 9! DM
DM18.map Redwolf Duke Battle SP, DM
DM19.map Unknown FFEST96 DM
DM21.map Unknown DM21 DM
DM22.map Unknown DM22 DM
DM2MAP01 Mark Irving Doom II Map01 SP, DM
DMARENA1.MAP Unknown Dukematch Arena 1 DM
DMATCH22.MAP Unknown Dukematch 22 DM
DMCASTLE.map Mike Jones (Frodo) Duke Match Castle DM
DMDUKE1.map Randy Pitchford (DuvalMagic) DukeMatch One DM
DOME.map Daniel Kulvicki Dome DM
DOOKIE1.MAP Unknown Dookie1 DM
DOOM2.MAP Unknown Entryway SP, DM
DOOM2M1.map Erik Lacaze Entryway SP, DM
DOOMED.MAP Unknown Hangar DM
DOOMNUKM.map Scott McNutt Doom Nukem DM
DOOMPOOL.map Gavin Pettit Pools of Doom!!! DM
DOOMTOO.map Michael Hoffman Doomtoo SP, DM
DOWNTWN.MAP Unknown Downtown SP, DM
DOWNUNDR.map Brian Grant (En4cr) Downunder DM
DRAINAGE.map Erik Siedenglanz (Risca) Drainage DM
DRKDOOM.MAP Unknown Entryway DM
DSTAR.MAP Unknown Death Star SP, DM
DTA.map Nick Hundley Death to All SP, DM
DUKBATLE.map Redwolf Duke Battle SP, DM
DUKE1.MAP Unknown Duke1 DM
DUKE97.map Scott Newton Duke 97 DM
DUKE98.map Scott Newton Duke 98 DM
DUKECITY.MAP Scotty Duke City #1 DM
DUKEFEST.map Jason Kirby Dukefest DM
DUKEM69.map Ryan Fisk (The Shiz) Dukem69 DM
DUKEMALL.map Nic Linley & Pat Denney Duke Mall DM
DUKEPROX.map Scott McNutt Proxyon Military Base SP, DM
DUKERING.map Peter Hodgkinson The Dukematch Ring DM
DUNKIN.map Atkins Meyer Dunkin' Donuts DM
DWL2DUKE.map Jay Dweller ][ Duke DM
E1L9.MAP Unknown E1L9 SP
E1M5.map Cort Stowe Phobos Lab SP, DM
ECHERRY.map Eric Cherry (Paygun) ECherry DM
ECLIPSE.map Steven Fincham (DoggyDog) Eclipse SP, DM
ELECTRIC.map DEATH4ALL Electrical Plant DM
EMERALD.map Fred Parsons Emerald DM
EVILCITY.MAP Unknown Evil City SP
FBS.map Michael Morrison & Mike O'Brien Fucking Bull Shit DM
FIGHT.map Roland Haag (Hucky) Fight DM
FIRE_PIT.map Andrew Schmidt (MaLrIc) Fire_Pit DM
FISH.MAP Unknown Fish SP
FLANOR.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) Flanor DM
FLASH01.map Per-Erik Nilsson Flash SP
FLOOD.MAP Unknown Flood SP
FLUDCITY.MAP Sygmus Flood City DM
FLY&DIE.MAP Unknown Fly&Die DM
FORCE1.map Stuart D. Smith ForceOne DM
FORT3.MAP Unknown Fort3 DM
FORTDUKE.map Lynn Anderson The Assault on Duke Fortress SP, DM
FOX.map David Whitman Fox DM
FOXBASE.map Fox Potter Fox Base DM
FPLANET.MAP Unknown FPlanet SP
FRAG_YU2.MAP Unknown Frag You Too DM
FRAGCITY.map Sam Hell Frag City DM
FUNCHAOS.map Alex Campbell (Quasar) FunChaos DM
FUNHOUSE.map Demogorgon The Funhouse DM
GARY4.MAP Unknown Gary4 DM
GBHOME.map Gregory W Bryant Greg House DM
GEO1.map Georg Buol Geo1 SP
GETSOME.map stokes Getsome! DM
GIRDERS.map Ahmed Hammad (Spasmo) The Abysmal Girders DM
GKDMRB2.map Kodiak Bear GKDMRB2 SP, DM
GKDMRB3.map Kodiak Bear GKDMRB3 SP, DM
GOFORIT.map Mikael Zethelius Go For It SP
GOOD12.MAP Unknown Good12 SP
GOONCITY.map Chris Conklin Gooncity SP
GORGE.map Chad R. Meyer (FlimFlam) Gorge DM
GURKA.map Mattias Brodén GurkaUnknown DM
H_LEGES.map Tim McIntire Harlan Ledges DM
HANGAR.MAP Unknown Hangar SP, DM
HARDCR1.map Dan Stanton & David Brooks Hardcore 1 DM
HARENA.map Jonathan Webber The Hockey Arena DM
HARM1.map Brian Vannatta Harm DM
HECK.map luge Heck DM
HELL.map Unknown Hell SP
HER_E4M1.map Dean Parker E6M3 (aka American's Legacy) DM
HEXHOUSE.map Aaron Barber Hexhouse SP
HOCKEY.MAP Ben Napora Hockey DM
HOCKEY1.map Ben Napora Hockey1 DM
HOL_HELL.map Taylor Agnew Hole to Hell SP
HOMERDM1.map Homer Homer's Dukematch Level 1 DM
HOMERDM2.map Homer Homer's Dukematch Level 2 DM
HOMERDM3.map Homer Homer's Dukematch Level 3 DM
HORROR.map David Whitman Horror SP, DM
HOSPITAL.MAP Unknown Hospital DM
HOTEL.map Dawn Burgess & Bryon Burgess Burgess Inc. SP
HOTEL3.map Unknown Hotel3 DM
HOUSE29.MAP Unknown House29 DM
HOUSE739.map P. Mickevicius House P-739 DM
HOUSE740.MAP P. Mickevicius House P-739 DM
HTRAIN.MAP Unknown Hell Train SP
ICEMACE.MAP Randy Icemace SP
ICTIY.map Istvan Galambos iCity SP, DM
IHOTEL.MAP Unknown IHotel SP
INDIANA.map Unknown Indiana SP
INDUST.map Unknown In Dust DM
INFERNO.map mndslayr Inferno SP, DM
INVADERS.map Garrett C Stein Invaders SP, DM
ISLAND1.map Georg Buol Island1 SP
J1.map Jimi2u J1 SP
J2-A.map Jimi2u J2 SP
JAIL3.map Unknown Jail3 DM
JASON.map Jason Shrunk !! DM
JDOE.map Unknown John Doe DM
JE1L1V1.map Josh Hegg & Allen H. Blum III Josh's Level 1 SP, DM
JEFF1.map Unknown Jeff1 DM
JEFF2.map Unknown Jeff2 DM
JENN-APT.map Jennifer Lynn Jenn's Apartment DM
JENNAPT2.MAP Jennifer Lynn Jenn's Apartment DM
JL-APTMT.map Jennifer Lynn Jenn's Apartment DM
JL-DMA01.map Jennifer Lynn DeathMatch Arena #01 DM
JL-SPACE.map Jennifer Lynn DeathMatch Space Arena DM
JM-BASE.map Jason Muhs (DarkCrow) JM Base SP, DM
JM-CITY.map Jason Muhs (DarkCrow) Jm City SP, DM
JUNIOR.map Unknown Junior SP
JUNKYARD.map Justin G Gutt The Junk Yard DM
JUSTICE1.MAP Unknown Justice1 DM
JUSTIN1.MAP Unknown Justin1 DM
KARE.MAP Unknown Kare DM
KICKASS.map Unknown Kickass DM
KICKBOX.map David Weaver Kick Boxing Arena DM
KILLA.map KiLLa Dunno....just a map DM
KILLER.map KaNe KiLler Death Match VERSION 3 DM
KILLERST.map Andrew Jacobs Killer Street SP
KILLERSU.map Jeremy Dorando Killer Sun DM
KILLFAC.map Daniel Johnson Kill Factory SP
KILO14.map Kilowatt Kilo14 DM
KILO15.map Kilowatt Kilo15 DM
KILO16.map Kilowatt Kilo16 DM
KNGOFMNT.map Gary Dominguez King of the Mountain DM
KOP_P.map Henrik Hansen (Preacher) Keep On Runnin' DM
KYTHOUSE.map Kytty Kytty's House DM
LAGOON.MAP Unknown Lagoon DM
LANDS08.MAP Unknown Lands08 N/A
LANDS10.MAP Unknown Lands10 N/A
LASHER.map Joey 'Zozimov' Gunsior Lasher DM
LE_ROCK.map Martin Kozicki Le Rock SP, DM
LEGOLAND.map Ben Lawton Legoland DM
LENHOUSE.map Leonard Westover Leonard's House DM
LEVEL1.map Locust LeveL One DM
LILPIG2.MAP Unknown LilPig2 DM
LINKED.map Unknown Linked DM
LOGIC.map Pelle Nilsson & Markus Bengtsson Isle of Logic DM
LOYCO.map Luis Junqueira Loyco DM
LUNAR1.map Joseph Anthony Lunar1 DM
LUNAR2.map Joseph Anthony Lunar version 2 SP, DM
LURKER1.map Unknown Lurker1 DM
MADHOUSE.map David Nielsen (LeChuck) Madhouse DM
MANCAR2.map Grant Fern (Stoner) Mancar2 DM
MANCER01.map Cole Savage (MaNCeR) Mancer01 DM
MANGLER.map Airwolf The Mangler DM
MAP10.map Unknown Map10 DM
MARTBETA.map Scott Cole The Mart DM
MARTIN.map Unknown Martin DM
MAZE.map Jussi Puhakka (Butcher) Maze DM
MAZE3.map Sean Stackenwalt Cabal's Deatmatch Level DM
MCKINLEY.map Unknown McKinley DM
METAL.map Unknown Metal DM
METRO.map Michael Marechal (Death Dealer) Metropolis SP, DM
METROPLS.map BMB + BPF Metropolis SP, DM
MHOUSE.map Mike Boyce Mhouse DM
MICDM20.map Michaél Schoonbrood Michaél's DM Level 2 DM
MIRROR.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) Lesson 6 : Making mirrors N/A
MM1.MAP Unknown & Allen H. Blum III Hollywood Holocaust SP, DM
MOON12.MAP Keith Hazelet Moon Base 12 SP, DM
MOONBAS1.MAP Unknown Moon Base 1 DM
MOONCAFE.MAP Unknown Moon Cafe DM
MT-DUKE.map Steve Pofahl (duncan) Mt. Duke SP, DM
MUSEUM.map Khang Le Museum DM
MYHOUS2.MAP Unknown My House 2 DM
MYHOUS3.MAP Unknown My House 2 DM
MYHOUS4.MAP Unknown My House 2 DM
MYHOUS6.MAP Unknown My House 2 DM
MYHOUS7.MAP Unknown My House 7 DM
MYHOUSE.MAP Unknown My House 2 DM
MYVILLE.MAP Unknown My Ville DM
NAIL.map Nailhead Nail SP, DM
NAILED.map Nailhead Nailed SP
NAPALM2.map Napalm Overdose (Gavin) Napalm2 SP
NASCAR.MAP Unknown Nascar DM
NASTY24.map Bobby Place Nasty DM
NEST.map Unknown Nest SP
NEWFORT.map Mark Lythgoe Fort Kappa DM
NEWONE.map ChrisICT Newone SP, DM
NEWYORK.MAP Unknown New York DM
NIGHT1.MAP Unknown Night1 SP
NIHIL01.map NIHIL Evil Duke SP, DM
NITESTLK.MAP Dave Nighstalkers Nightstalker DM
NTJUNGLE.map Karl Flores (Kutlass) Night Jungle DM
OASIS.map Nathan Boren Oasis SP, DM
ONEWAY.map Dman One Way DM
OVERKILL.map Unknown Overkill DM
PANIC.map Brandon A Kraft Panic DM
PARKING.map X-Treme/K-Man (Klaus K.) Parking SP, DM
PARKOD.map Erik Siedenglanz (Risca) Park of Death DM
PATROL.map P y r o GX Pork Patrol DM
PIT.map Joern Bungartz The Pit DM
PITFAL2.MAP Unknown Pitfall 2 DM
PITFALL.MAP Unknown Pitfall DM
PITWARS1.map Frodo Zero The Pit Wars: Part I DM
PLANETDK.MAP Matt Hussung Planet Duke DM
PLCST.map Per Steinar Nielsen (Sveppi) Police Station DM
PNTBALL.map Charlie Wiederhold Paint Ball DM
POOL.map Unknown Pool DM
POOL1.map Matt Nuchia (Mindflayer), (Nactor) Pool Ball DM
PORTAL.map Craig O'Shannessy Portals of Death DM
PREY.map Unknown Prey DM
PRISON.map Guillaume Manders Death Row 2 SP, DM
PRISONR.map Nailhead (Eric Fullerton) The Prisoner SP
PYRAMID.map DeeP_IV Pyramid DM
PYRO1.map Charles White Pyro 1 DM
QUAD.map Gregory W Bryant The Quad SP, DM
QYVCARS.map Qyv Qyv Cars DM
RACHO.map Rachid OUNISSI Logirel City Sp, DM
RADMAN.map Unknown Rad Man DM
RANDO2.MAP Unknown Rando2 DM
RATTRAP.MAP Unknown Rat Trap SP
RCASTLE.MAP Unknown RCastle DM
REACTOR.map Brian King Reactor SP
REALLYC.MAP Unknown Really Crap SP, DM
REDLINE1.map Redliner RedLine1 SP, DM
REDSKY.map J.J. Geisler III The Day After! DM
RESORT.map don hofer Resort SP, DM
REVHENGE.map Douglas Fisher Futtock's Henge SP
RGDM2.map Unknown RGDM2 DM
RGDM3.map Unknown RGDM3 DM
RGDM4.map Unknown RGDM4 DM
RGDM5.map Unknown RGDM5 DM
RGDM6.map Unknown RGDM6 DM
RGDM7.map Unknown RGDM7 DM
RINK2.map Unknown Rink 2 DM
ROB1.map Unknown Rob1 DM
ROB2.map Unknown Rob2 DM
ROB3.map Unknown Rob3 DM
ROBATOR2.MAP Unknown Robator2 DM
ROBATOR3.MAP Unknown Robator3 DM
ROBATOR5.map Unknown Robator5 DM
ROBOT.map DarK-Elf Robot City SP, DM
ROOMS.map Odin_B Rooms of Death DM
ROSS1B5.MAP Unknown Ross1B5 DM
RUINS.map Jeff Corr Ruins SP
RUN.map James Schramm Run SP
RUNNGUN.MAP Unknown Run & Gun DM
RYANB01.map Ryan Bullock DukeMatch 01 DM
S-DAYS.MAP Unknown Somedays SP
S-PARK.map Unknown Southpark DM
SACTOWN.map Shane Conway SAC (Special Activity Camp) Complex and Town SP, DM
SAND.map Neil Munday (Punisher), Jim Semkiw (Ironman) The Sands Of Time SP, DM
SC.MAP Unknown SC DM
SCHOOL.map Jason Carter School Days SP, DM
SCOTHOUS.map Scott Van Hoosen Scott's House DM
SCREW-U2.map Mike Panico SCREW-U2 DM
SE7EN04.map The Chef SE7En DM
SHORTVIL.MAP Unknown Short Village DM
SHOW11.MAP Unknown Show 11 DM
SHOWCASE.map Tom Collinson (Worm) Showcase Cinemas DM
SHRED.map Pascal "Rambo" von Hutten Shred DM
SHROOM.map Aaron, John and Corey Shroom DM
SIEGE2.MAP Unknown Siege 2 DM
SINISTER.map tyson96 aka JESTER KING Sinister 1 DM
SKYDIVE.MAP Unknown Sky Dive DM
SLUGFEST.map Mark Lythgoe & Paul Tinsley Slug Festival DM
SLUMCITY.map Dhiarmid Bruce Campbell (Stalker) Slum City SP, DM
SLUTS.MAP Unknown Sluts DM
SNIPER.map Dave Barraclough SnIpEr DM
SOIDM1.map Simon Taor Soi Dukematch One DM
SONGTONG.map Shogun Songtong DM
SOS.MAP Unknown Sector over sector N/A
SPOOK1.map Stephen Cole Kick Ass DM
STADIUM2.MAP Unknown Stadium 2 DM
STAIRS.map Weasel Stairs DM
STREET.map Andy Kendall Streets DM
SUB.map Roope Paakkonen SUBway DM
SUB2.MAP Unknown Sub 2 DM
SUBCITY.map BowZer Subcity SP, DM
SUBPART2.MAP BowZer Subcity SP, DM
SUBTMP.MAP Unknown Subway Test N/A
SUBWAY.map Aric The Subway N/A
SUPRCOMP.MAP Unknown Super Computer DM
SUR101.map Matthew Smyth Survival 101 DM
TELELAND.MAP Unknown Television Land DM
TEMPEST.map Matthew Welp (TheHawk) Tempest DM
THC.map Anthony Concepcion THC DM
THE_DUEL.map David Whitman The Duel DM
THEHOLE.map Marc Gallagher The Hole DM
THEMAZE.map Kevin Martin The Maze SP, DM
THEPIT.MAP Rockwell The Pit DM
THEPOND.MAP Jennifer Lynn The Pond SP, DM
THESTAND.map Russell Nash The Stand DM
TIKKANEN.MAP Unknown Tikknen SP
TIMEHOP.map David Whitman Timehop SP, DM
TINZ.map Paul Tinsley Suburbia DM
TOMK.MAP Unknown Tomk DM
TOMMAP.map Tom Tom's House DM
TOODARK.map Phillip Quinn Too Dark Park DM
TORE.MAP Unknown Hollywood Holocaust Remake DM
TOWERS.MAP Unknown Towers DM
TOWN.map S.E.L. Town DM
TRAIN.MAP Unknown Train DM
TRANSIT.MAP Unknown Transit DM
TRAPPED.map Tom Collinson Trapped SP, DM
TRC.map Klaus Breuer The Research Center SP, DM
TRENCHES.map Per-Erik Nilsson Trenches DM
TRIPZON2.MAP Unknown Tripzone 2 DM
TRIPZONE.MAP Unknown Tripzone DM
TYRANNY.map The Mighty Tyrant Tyranny SP, DM
ULTIMATE.MAP Unknown Ultimate DM
UNDRWTR.MAP Unknown Under Water N/A
VALUEJET.MAP Unknown Value Jet DM
VIMDEATH.MAP Unknown Vimdeath DM
WAFFLE.map DVST8 Waffle DM
WALDO.MAP Unknown Waldo DM
WANKIES.map Kris Plummer & Tim Jenkins Wankies: The Place for Fun DM
WAR.map Martin Weiner War DM
WAREHS11.MAP Unknown Warehouse 11 DM
WAREHS12.map Unknown Warehouse 12 DM
WARHOSE.MAP Unknown Warhose DM
WARZONE.map B1ister & Dan McElrea The War Zone DM
WATER7.MAP Unknown Water7 SP
WATERONE.MAP Unknown Water One DM
WATERWAY.MAP Unknown Waterway DM
WEIRD5.MAP Unknown Weird5 N/A
WESTERN.map Jake Cannell Western Gunfight DM
WHIT.map David Whitman Sniper SP, DM
WHORE03.MAP Unknown Whore 3 DM
WHORE0M.MAP Unknown Whore ? DM
WINDOWS.map Cho Yan Wong (Tempest) Lesson 1 : Making glass windows N/A
WIPP5.MAP Unknown Wipp 5 DM
WOLF.MAP Unknown Wolf DM
WRESRING.MAP Unknown Wrestling Ring DM
YEP.map Unknown Yep DM
Z-TROBE.map Patrik Persson (Z-Trobe) Z-Trobe's Playground DM
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