Drunken Crane Master is the 9th level in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  1. Activate the platform again. Proceed through the metal doors. When it stops, get off. Enemies will attack from the other side. Kill all of them, and a flying enemy will enter. I suggest using an RPG to kill him.
  2. You need to get over to the other side. Pick up Dylan, and throw him over the gate to the ladder. He will grow to normal size and open the gate.
  3. Cross the gap, and find the forklift. Lower it to the ground, and get in. Push any heavy objects that are blocking doors out of the way. To get it to the other side of the gap, pick it up with the crane.
  4. On the other side of the gap, enter the door. An enemy will be waiting, so kill him. Continue until you reach a control room, and activate the switch.
  5. Once everything is out of the way, get back on the floating platform and activate it.
  6. Ride the platform to the exit.
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