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The Drak alien race is the main antagonist in Duke Nukem: Time To Kill, and also the name of standard Drak combat trooper.

Game manual description[]

"The basic Alien Grunt. Tough and reptilian with swift reflexes, they are useful for soaking up fire and tying up enemy troops. They are armed with a plasma pistol. They often patrol areas seized by the invaders from space."


The Draks are a lizard-like alien race that is green in color. In Duke Nukem: Time To Kill, the Draks attack Earth in three different time periods. The leader of Drak race is Moloch. Duke has to stop them, fighting the Draks, their creatures, and Duke's favorite cannon fodder, Pig Cops. There are standard Drak combat units (described here and below), and the Heavy Draks.


They don't really take much punishment as a few shots from the Desert Eagle is usually all that's needed and their armament is quite basic as they are armed with a Pistol which is presumably the same as the one Duke has. There are very few occasions when another Drak isn't lurking around to help a Drak that spots and starts attacking Duke. They seem to have a similar role to the Assault Trooper from Duke Nukem 3D. While they take a decent amount of damage they rank among the weakest enemies in the game.

They can be easily detected by making any type of noise (i.e. jumping, bumping into a wall, firing a weapon) as they will make a short, distinct hiss, announcing their alarmed state. This strategy is especially useful on higher difficulties and works with Pig Cops as well.