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Dr. Valencia is the scientist from the Duke Nukem Forever DLC The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


Dr. Valencia runs a local brothel in Nevada called the "Burning Bush", only a few miles away from Area 51. However, she is also in charge of granting access to a hidden passageway leading to a secret government facility equipped with a teleporter.

She first meets with Duke Nukem after he and his allies General Graves and Captain Dylan escape Area 51. In order to stop the imminent second alien invasion of Earth, Graves orders Duke and Dylan to make contact with Dr. Valencia in the Burning Bush.

With Dylan heading elsewhere to see his girlfriend Sally, Duke entered the Burning Bush alone. Upon seeing Duke, Dr. Valencia became suspicious, believing Duke may be another one of the now-deceased Dr. Proton's biomechanical androids, the Dukeinators. However, Duke's witty and flirtatious remarks gave Valencia confidence that she was talking to the real Duke Nukem, but she gave him some chores around the brothel before allowing him access to the passageway.

After completing Dr. Valencia's chores, Duke and Dylan (who had regrouped with Duke) were given access to the hidden passageway, located in a small warehouse. Duke and Dylan then proceeded into the passageway to the secret government facility, determined to stop the next alien invasion.


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Pinball machine

  • Dr. Valencia appears on a pinball machine on the Burning Bush level.
  • Dr. Valencia makes an appearance in the fire safety video in Dr. Proton's cloning facility.
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