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Death Rally is a top-down 2D racing game released in 1996 for MS-DOS. It was developed by Remedy Entertainment, published by Apogee Software, and distributed by GT Interactive.

The game was later updated and released for Microsoft Windows in 2009. In 2017, it was re-released as "Death Rally (Classic)" on Steam in order to contrast it with the 2012 reboot of the same name.

Relation to the Duke Nukem franchise

Although it is not a Duke Nukem game, Death Rally features Duke Nukem as one of several playable characters. Original voice acting by Jon St. John was recorded for Duke Nukem's character in the game. On the front cover of the game's packaging, an icon of Duke Nukem's head can be seen with the words "Race Against Duke Nukem!" printed around it. Death Rally is otherwise completely unrelated to the Duke Nukem franchise.

Unrelated reboot

A reboot of Death Rally was released for iOS in 2011 and for Microsoft Windows and other platforms in 2012. Despite sharing the same name, the reboot is significantly different from the original game and does not include Duke Nukem as a playable character.