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The Cycloid Incinerator is the final boss on Hollywood Inferno, the last level of Alien World Order and chronogically the last boss that Duke faces and defeats in Duke Nukem 3D.


The Cycloid Incinerator closely resembles the Cycloid Emperor, but it is red, with a glowing, black eyeball. In addition, lava can be seen through windows on the lateral surfaces of its arms.

The Cycloid Incinerator is armed with two cybernetic appendages that are capable of spraying flames at close distances and launching Incinerator projectiles at long distances. It has the ability to spawn two shrunken Firefly Troopers from its mouth. If it gets close enough, it may also stomp the player to death.

Combat analysis

Even though it can fire Incinerator projectiles at long-range distances, the Cycloid Incinerator is heavily biased in favor of its flamethrower. Although its Incinerator projectiles would be more useful, the Cycloid Incinerator is in fact even more likely to spawn Firefly Troopers than it is to fire its Incinerator.

The Cycloid Incinerator's flamethrower has greater reach than the Firefly Trooper's, but it is still severely limited in its range.

Crucially, the Cycloid Incinerator will reflexively fire one of its attacks whenever it is hit by the player. Again, it is overwhelmingly biased in favor of its flamethrower in these cases.

Weapon effectivenesses
Mighty Foot
(hard to measure) kicks
~800 shots
~70 shots
Chaingun Cannon
~570 shots
~32 rockets
Pipe Bomb
~50-55 bombs
Not effective
~430 shots
~90 rockets
Laser Tripbomb
~100-110 mines
~275 shots
Not effective
  • The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • The Incinerator deals damage, but if it reduces the Cycloid Incinerator to zero health, the Cycloid Incinerator becomes invincible.

Given its bias in favor of the flamethrower and its reflexive response to damage, the Cycloid Incinerator is easily teased by continually moving backwards while firing at it. Although the Cycloid Incinerator is fast and will attempt to pursue the player, it is still slightly outpaced by the player and does not exhibit any improvement over the Cycloid Emperor in this respect.

It is difficult to discern any differences in the artificial intelligences of the Cycloid Incinerator and Cycloid Emperor. The reflexive response to damage is an unusual trait shared by both, suggesting the Cycloid Incinerator's programming may have been directly copied from the Cycloid Emperor's.

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