The Cycloid Incinerator is the final boss of Alien World Order and Duke Nukem 3D. He appears in the level Hollywood Inferno.

Appearance Edit

He is very similar to his original counterpart, the Cycloid Emperor, but is red in color and is armed with a flamethrower instead of rocket launcher. His appearance is more or less a palette swap, he has a black eye instead of the red eye as there are no other visual differences other than a few edits.

Combat Analysis Edit

Just like the Alien Queen he has 6000 hit points and is unaffected by the Shrink Ray.

As he is armed with an Incinerator he is capable of killing the player easily at close quarters. He attacks with a short ranged flame strike, so standing back and constantly firing with explosives is the best way to defeat him. He also can spray fire, like the player with the Incinerator, or spawn two Firefly Troopers.

It is worth noting that aside from the weapon swap his coding appears to be exactly the same as the original Cycloid Emperor which makes him less effective in combat due to his new armament as he will actually try to hit the player with his Incinerator even if they are nowhere near him which is a major weak-point as the original Cycloid Emperor was geared towards long range attacks while this boss focuses on short range attacks which means that the player only has to keep their distance and keep firing to win. He even retains the trait of firing his weapon in anger if the player hits him with any weapon regardless of where the player is; ordinarily this would be effective for the Cycloid Emperor but not for the Cycloid Incinerator as the player can consistently provoke him into firing his weapon despite the fact it cannot reach them.


  • No story is given about this particular boss. The logical conclusion is that Cycloid Incinerator is the new Cycloid Emperor after the death of the first one at Stadium, who launched world-scale invasion alongside several other Cycloids, who are just underlings.
  • Like all Cycloids, the Incinerator was given life by Alien Empress, which was killed much later in Duke Nukem Forever, at the end of the alien storyline which sprawled two games.
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