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The Cyber Alien is the third boss in Duke Nukem Advance. He is encountered in episode 3 level 4.



The Cyber Alien

The Cyber Alien is a large two headed cyborg. His primary arnament is a Pipe Bomb launcher. He has what appears to be a metallic fist on his left arm and a pipebomb launcher on the right. When Duke Nukem first meets him (them?), unlike the previous two bosses, he will not talk to Duke and begin attacking immediately. The Cyber Alien and the other aliens forces primary goal is to protect the Doomsday device in Sydney; the Alien Controller that Duke fought in Egypt mentioned this device. The Doomsday device was designed to accelerate global warming which would ultimately end all life on earth. Duke Nukem comes across the Cyber Alien not so long after deactivating the device.

Combat Analyis[]


The Moving Pistons can cause the player to damage themselves with their own explosives

The most obvious course of action is to avoid his pipebombs and for the player to keep their distance. Though avoiding his attacks shouldn't be much of an issue; damaging the boss does involve a bit of careful thinking for instance the RPG while effective should be deployed carefully as there are two issues involved in using it against him; the first is the fact he could get too close; which could cause splash damage on the player and the second is that the room has pistons that go up and down; if the player happens to be too close to a piston and it goes up; the RPG round they fired could end up hitting it which would also do splashback to the player as well as waste ammo. Lighter weapons such as the Shotgun and MP5 should be used if the boss is close to the player as there's no danger of the player damaging themself and the moving pistons would be less of an annoyance. The right weapon combination and timing is important to beat this boss as the wrong weapons could do more damage to the player than the boss himself. When Duke Nukem defeats the Cyber Alien he tells General Graves to send a team down to dismantle the weapon as it could still be brought back online by the aliens if it's not dealt with. Duke then proceeds to be transported to the Alien Ship to defeat the remainder of the alien force.

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