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Combat is the final level of Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes.

It is reached after completing Promenade, the thirteenth level of the game.



The leader of this alien scum has challenged Duke 's ego. Time for Duke to show it who's the man.


1. Kick some serious ass

Possible secrets: 3

Cheat/s unlocked: Invulnerability (find all secrets); Ending movie (finish the game)


Completing O1

Nab Combat shotgun ammo, Handgun ammo, Pipe bomb and Energy weapon ammo ahead. Then enter the room on the right. Doors behind you will close. Kill 3x PigCorps. Once killed, doors unlock. HINT: This pattern will repeat... Enter the room, doors close, kill some enemies, doors unlock. Go on the ramp.

SECRET 14A: From the ramp jump thru fake wall to land in a secret area with RPG.

Next room has 3x GorillaCorps to be killed. Go on the ramp. In next room kill 3x PigCorps. Nab Grenade launcher. Go on the ramp.

SECRET 14B: This one's tricky. Before you enter next room, turn around and look down. A ledge is directly below. So how do you get there? Either with Jetpack or... Stand so that you will drop down, but be able to grab on the ledge below. So stand with your back against the upper ledge, take a step back so Duke falls down, but then immediately press up so Duke grabs onto the ledge. Good. Now press back again and Duke will let go of ledge. Press up again and Duke will grab onto the ledge below. Climb up. Secret area contains RPG ammo and Jetpack item. With help of Jetpack item get back up there.

In next room kill 1x BaboonCorps. Jump (or monkey climb) over poison pool and kill 2x BaboonCorps on the other side. Nab Laser gatling. Go on the ramp. In next room kill 3x BigApeCorps.

SECRET 14C: There's a cracked ceiling in this room. Secret area contains Large ego boost item and Mini laser gatling.

Go on the ramp. Kill 1x SaucerCorps. In next room kill 3x AlienCorps. Go thru the exit and watch the cutscene. Then go right...

Boss battle!!! BOSS: Alien slave boss Strategy: Boss is armed with twin Laser blaster, Flamethrower and RPG. Whoa! In corners of this room are 4x Ego boost item. Also be careful not do drop down to your death. Always be on the move cos of his RPG pot shots. He doesn't use it that often, though. Shoot him with your RPG when he's not shooting (there *is* a slight pause in his shootings). Once he's down to about 25% of health remaining, his RPG and Laser blaster are destroyed, but he has Flamethrower left. Don't let him get close and you'll be fine. Once he's gone... O1 complete!

Now it's time for Serious R&R Duke Style..........HAIL TO THE KING BABY!!