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Clear the Coast VR is a single-player level in the "Space Gladiators" episode of Alien Armageddon.


In this VR simulation, Duke and Bombshell must clear a city's coastline and establishments from the invading alien hordes.


There are 4 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Coastline Chaos[]

When you reach land for the first time after your first battle in the water, get on the roof of the building to the left (while you're facing away from the water) to nab an Incinerator

Secret 2: Watery Nook[]

Immediately after using the Blue Access card and going through the force field, head to the left, past the building, and into the watery cavern. Follow it all the way to the end to find a BMFG and Small Medkit.

Secret 3: Bussing It[]

After passing through the area full of green mass that requires two keycards, turn to the left when you reach the road again, and use the bus to jump up onto a higher ledge, then jump around to the other high ledge to find ammo for the RPG and Babifier.

Secret 4: Attic-a[]

Just past the previous secret, go inside the building that requires the Blue Access Card, head upstairs and go around the right corner; in this hallway, you can see a ladder. Take it to find a Devastator and ammo for it.