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Choplifter HD is a 2012 remake of the 1982 game Choplifter by Dan Gorlin. Like the original, the remake is a third-person side-scroller in which the player takes control of a helicopter and is tasked with destroying hostile military bases. The game was developed and published by inXile Entertainment for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Android-based systems.

Choplifter HD has been de-listed from most online retail stores such as Steam, but Steam keys can still be purchased through Green Man Gaming.

Duke Nukem cameo

Duke Nukem has a cameo appearance in Choplifter HD. On a nighttime desert level, the player can come across Duke Nukem quietly standing beside a bonfire in the middle of town. If the player descends to offer him a ride, Duke will say, "You know, if I wanted help from two little girls, I would've joined the Brownies." To this, the pilot will reply, "I'm here to save your ass. Get in!" Duke then retorts, "You ought to worry about your own ass and stop admiring mine. Now fly away, ladies!"


Duke Nukem cameo in Choplifter HD

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