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Charlie Wiederhold is a video game developer who has worked on several games in the Duke Nukem franchise. He began at Sunstorm Interactive in 1996 and was later hired by Gearbox Software, which he left in 2011.

Games in the Duke Nukem franchise

Wiederhold contributed to the following games and expansions:

Legacy in the Duke Nukem community

After the publication of Duke Nukem Forever, Wiederhold publicly expressed regret over the team's decision to double-down on comical elements in the game. He contrasted the game's final aesthetic with George Broussard's vision for the Duke Nukem franchise; in Duke Nukem 3D, game director George Broussard employed Duke Nukem's one-liners only as rare points of contrast with the dark world around him, similar to 1980s action movies.

Unsolicited, Wiederhold has donated large sums of money on multiple occasions to the lead developer of EDuke32, Richard "TerminX" Gobeille, when he was struggling to cover basic costs of living for his family.

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