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The Chainsaw is a scrapped Duke Nukem Forever weapon. It appears in the 2001 leak.


The Chainsaw appears to be a small chainsaw that covers the entire hand. It is obviously supposed to be a melee weapon. It was first seen in one of the 1999 promotional screenshots at Area 51.

The Chainsaw is an incomplete weapon, with most of the code being weirdly enough, disabled. If the code is re-enabled, the player can turn off and on the engine with the right mouse button, with the player only being able to attack and switch weapons while the engine is on. On a sidenote, because this weapon shares ammo with the Flamethrower, and the player can only switch weapons when the engine is on, this means that while the Chainsaw is not being used, it will still consume ammo. It lacks hit particles.

It doesn't appear anywhere in any map in the leak, but can be obtained using the allammo cheat in the console.


The Chainsaw appears to have been completely scrapped, as no sign of it can be found in the 2011 footage nor the 2009 leaked materials.


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