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Caribbean Catastrophe is the first level of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


Secret 1[]

The first secret is in the fountain once you enter the hotel. Jump in the fountain, phase through the transparent texture that's under water, and surface. You will be staring at a water fall and it will unlock the first secret. Contains: Pineapples (under the waterfall)

Secret 2[]

In the "Island Gifts” shop, if you use the cash register you will open up a secret wall. Contains: Pearl Health

Secret 3[]

At the pool side, next to the "tanning lady" you will see a Cola Machine. Use it to open the nearby secret which lowers the table and chairs. Contains: Pineapples

Secret 4[]

At the end of the hallway in the hotel you will find a rounded glass section. From this glass you can jump onto a very hidden ledge outside, behind the tree. Once up on the ledge follow it down into the hidden hotel room. Contains: Suntan Lotion, Crate of Bananas

Secret 5[]

Back outside, right before you grab the blue "Vista card" you'll see a vent that holds the Coconut Launcher ammo, behind the vent, up against the wall is a button. If you push it, it will reveal a secret door just around the corner. Contains: Coconut Launcher

Secret 6[]

Behind the bar, use the right wine rack to uncover the sixth secret. Contains: Sunglasses

Secret 7[]

In the karaoke section of the bar, use the floor behind the microphone to lower it. Contains: Ice Crusher

Secret 8[]

At the bottom section of the bar (with all the Octobrains and Eggs), press the "use"/"open" key on the left-side phone booth to open the panel on the right side of it. Contains: Coconut Launcher ammo

Secret 9[]

As you are exiting the bar you can grab secret #9. Once you've ridden the elevator back up, break the window to the left and jump through. You'll fall into a water section that bleeds into the bar section of the map. If you are careful, you can duck out of the waterfall and jump onto the catwalk portion to a switch that unlocks secret #9. All items are hidden in the vents. Contains: Voodoo Ring ammo, Triple Poison Shooter ammo, Bunch of Bananas, 3 x Ice Crusher ammo, Conchanator ammo, Conchanator


  • The song Duke Nukem sings at the start of the level is 'Surfin Safari' by The Beach Boys.
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