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The Captain is an enemy in LameDuke.


The Captain is a large humanoid robot/cyborg with a large amount of health. Its primary attack is to hit the player with a Tazer charge at point-blank range. If shot, it will fire a plasma ball.

Combat Analysis[]

Weapon effectivenesses
Club ld
? swings
? shots
Plasma Cannon
Weapon3w ld
2 shots
Pipe Bomb
1 pipebomb
1 rocket
  • Note: The values given for the explosive weapons are minimum values only.

The Captain has the most health out of all the enemies in LameDuke, but isn’t much of a threat. It will attempt to rush the player with a taser. However, this weapon actually does less damage than the Trooper’s Pistol. This, combined with how slow they are, makes them barely a threat. The only thing that the player needs to look out for is that, if occasionally shot, it will fire a powerful plasma ball at the player. However, this can be easily avoided.

The Plasma Cannon and the RPG are preferred weapons against the Captain. The Plasma Cannon’s fast rate of fire and damage can shred him in a second, while one RPG rocket will take him out.


It's possible that, although scrapped, the Captain's title was recycled for the Assault Captain enemy of the final game, but aside from this similarity the two are functionally distinct from each other.


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