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The CMV Team was a modding team. The team worked in conjunction with Acidic Productions to create the Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition total conversion Terrorist Terror, which was released on May 16th, 1998. A sequel, Terrorist Terror 2: Nuclear Threat, was planned and was going to include a new episode, two new enemies, and new weapons, though it was eventually cancelled.

Team members[]

  • Michael Channell (a.k.a. Mike C) – CMV Team coordinator, CON hacking, level designer
  • Adrian Cogswell – Level designer
  • Ryan Conner (a.k.a. Heyyo) – Artist
  • Eagle Eye – Artist
  • Paul Johnson – Level consultant
  • ~KiRK – Art gathering, level designer
  • James Port – Voice talent
  • Minion – CON hacking
  • RacerX – Level designer
  • Reptile – CMV Team coordinator, theme pack, cutscenes, level designer, 3D modeler, webmaster
  • ShadowPaw – Theme pack
  • Wiket – Artist, 3D modeler

DN3D mods[]