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The following bugs are found in Duke Nukem 3D:

  • Protozoid Slimers become permanently inoffensive to the player if they attack while the player is frozen.
  • Protozoid Slimers target the player's view, not the player's in-game model. This means that, if the player is looking through a camera screen, the Protozoid Slimers will target the mounted camera, instead of the player.
  • If an enemy is standing on top of a water sector when killed, its corpse will vanish instead of falling to the bottom of the water.
  • If the player attempts to force a Battlelord on Freeway to fall into the manhole, the Battlelord will become stuck and will not fall into the sewer. This is because Battlelord Sentries are specially programmed such that they cannot walk on top of water sectors.
  • If a Battlelord Sentry is shrunk (which is possible if auto-aim is deactivated and if the player shoots near the Battlelord Sentry's feet), then it will never attack the player ever again, even after returning to its normal size.
  • Squishing enemy corpses in doors adds to the "Enemies Killed" statistic on the level-end screen, even though the enemies have already been killed.
  • Recon Patrol Vehicles (RPVs) contain a programming error in their "RESPAWN" flag that prevents them from being spawned into levels. For this reason, the "Enemies Remaining" statistic on Red Light District is always incorrectly offset by one more enemy than is actually found on the level; an additional RPV is programmed to spawn once the player reaches the Blue Access Card. However, the RPV never appears.
  • On Rabid Transit, the player can sometimes clip into the train cars instead of being squished on the tracks.
  • It is possible to clip through many closed doors and walls throughout the game, and it is possible to fire explosives through even more walls. See Speedrunning for a complete explanation.

Additional software bugs were introduced in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour.
See here for a complete overview.

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