List of Bugs in Duke Nukem 3D Edit

  • Protozoid Slimers became permanently inoffensive to player if they attack him while frozen.
  • Protozoid Slimer target the player view, not the player himself. Meaning that if the player is looking a camera screen, a Green Slime will change where they are targeting.
  • If an enemy is standing in a water sector when killed, its corpse will not be on the bottom of the floor.
  • Battlelords cannot go to a water surface sector. A bug occurs when the player attempts to force a Battlelord in the level Freeway to fall in the manhole, the Battlelord will be stuck and will not fall to the sewer.
  • Battlelord will not attack the player when he returns to the normal size after he was shrunk.
  • In Rabid Transit, the player can sometimes end up inside the train when being hit by it, rather than being squished.

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