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Bombshells is the second level (as of v4.0 onward) of the "New Invasion" episode of Alien Armageddon.


Duke Nukem just can't catch a break, it seems; after a decade of no alien bastards on his beloved home planet of Earth, his vacation is suddenly crashed by the very aliens whose asses he thoroughly kicked 10 years ago. Not one to shy away from the action, Duke grabs his trusty 1911 sidearm and goes to work. The entire section of the city where Duke currently is has become flooded full of alien bastards looking to exact revenge against him and, as a consequence, all of Earth. Duke will have to navigate every square inch of this section of the city to eradicate the alien menace: Everything from nightclubs to apartment complexes, Duke has his work cut out for him, to say the least. Fortunately, his trusty ass-kicking associate Bombshell isn't one to let him take all the credit for cleaning up the city, as she joins in on the fun after having cleared out the EDF Base, just in time for a big battle in the heart of downtown!


Secret 1: Everyone Out of the Pool![]

At the start of the level, dispose of the two Assault Troopers who ruin your fun, and head downstairs to the other pool room. The blue window on the far wall is fake and can be walked through. To get to it, jump on top of the high dive, strafe jump over to the windows' ledges, and walk over to the aforementioned fake blue window. Go through it to find 5 Spider-Mines and a Freezethrower.

Secret 2: Nightclub Apartment[]

Make your way to the top of the destroyed buildings in the outer area after going through the Blue Key forcefield; while there are several ways to do so, the easiest is to head to the outer area shown in the first screenshot and jump up, while clearing out the enemies. Head to the bookstore and find a red/blue checkered walkway that leads to a room labelled "Book Club Boss Lives Here"; to the left of that doorway, on the side of the building, you can see an open window, slightly obscured by a red curtain; jump through it (the angle might prove a tad tricky) to end up in a room with an Atomic Health, 2 Shrinker Crystals and 4 Spider-Mines, as well as a switch that deactivates the force field separating the room from the nightclub downstairs.

Secret 3: Sewer Slinking[]

In the sewer section filled with Octabrains and Protozoid Slimers, get to the location in the first screenshot and head left down the acid-filled path. At the end of this dead-end will be another Octabrain and the way to the next TWO secrets! For this one, break the vent on the far left side and head through (use the light fixtures on the wall to help guide you, as it is pitch black inside here) to find a Shrinker that you may have seen from the other side upon entering the sewers.

Secret 4: It's-a Me![]

From the same dead end mentioned in the previous secret, this time crouch through a small fake section of wall to the right. Head all the way through this hallway to find a box of Pipebombs, the Explosive Shell Kit Upgrade for the Shotgun, a Large Medkit, and Mario! If you "damage" him, he'll shrink down to his smallest size. "Damage" him again to "kill" him and hear the death music from Super Mario Bros. Use the previous screenshots for a guide if you need them.

Secret 5: Apartment Jackpot[]

After you get to the part of the level where Bombshell joins you, progress through the level until you come to a courtyard of sorts with a giant forcefield (first screenshot); deactivate it and head for the two windows directly across from you. Jump through either of them to find a Large Medkit, RPG Ammo, a Box of Pipebombs, and 2 Spider-Mines.

Secret 6: Barrel Blasting[]

From the same courtyard area, head straight into the dark alley until you get to a corner with a ton of barrels, two of which are on fire; blow up the fiery barrels and head through the exposed vent duct to find an Atomic Health and RPG Ammo.

Secret 7: Déjà vu?[]

When you get to the area with the Tennis court and Karaoke Club, head through the green hole in the wall of said club. When you get to the spot in the second screenshot with the alien tentacle-like appendage sprouting from the mass, look very carefully at the lower section of wall to the right of it; it is fake and can be walked through. Carefully do so and you'll find yourself on that ledge from near the start of the level where the two Assault Troopers were... well, assaulting you from. On this ledge, you will find a Shrinker, Armor, and two units of ammo for the Babifier (which replaces the Expander).

Secret 8: "Damn, you're ugly!"[]

After activating the Yellow Keycard event, clear out the baddies that spawn in, then head for the now-opened "We Stor Your Crap" area. In here, once again, clear out the enemies and head inside the vent duct on top of a stack of crates. Inside, when you get to the T-intersection, head left and smash open the portion of the duct that is slightly darker than the rest (see screenshot for help), and head all the way to the end to end up in a secret apartment with Freezethrower ammo, a Large Medkit, RPG Ammo, Adrenaline, and some uh... "entertainment"; good ol' family-friendly entertainment!


  • In version 1.0 this map was used as a simple test bed and map for players to try out all the new features. The mod eventually evolved into something much bigger which when a few more maps were made to make a complete episode. This is why the map is extremely large compared to other maps. EDF Base was later added so the first map of AA isn't as overwhelming.