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Bloody Hell is the third level of Alien World Order in Duke Nukem 3D and takes place in London. It features an Elizabethan-style theatre house and the Palace of Westminster.


Secret 1: Bottom of the basement stairs

After opening the door unlocked by using the red keycard, head left downstairs. At the base of the stairs, head straight and press the use key against the wall. A secret door will open, and you can walk inside.

Secret 2: Wall behind the bookshelves

Upon reaching the red carpeted rotunda at the top of the stairs, turn right and head towards the bookshelves. In the corner behind the bookshelves, press the "use" key while facing the back wall across from the bookshelf. This will open a secret compartment with Armor inside.

Secret 3: Compartment inside the compartment

Open the back wall of the compartment from Secret 2 in order to find another secret compartment with an Atomic Health inside.

Secret 4: Picnic on the roof

In the blue carpeted area near the end of the level, find the circular room with bookcases covering the walls. From here, there are two ways to reach this secret:

  1. Look above the bookcases to find a small, shootable button near the ceiling. Shoot the button, and one of the bookcases will lower.
  2. Climb the leftmost bookcase, and that bookcase will lower.

Use the secret elevator behind the bookcase to find a picnic on the roof.

Secret 5: Resurface beneath the bathroom

Near the end of the level, there is a crack in the wall of the bathroom. Blasting through the crack opens a passage that leads to the very end of the level. After dropping down into the hole, immediately resurface from the water beneath the bathroom. Just above the water, there is a secret alcove with some RPG ammo.



Duke Nukem 3D-"Damn,I'm Good"-100%-E5L3-Bloody Hell(All Secrets)


  • This is the first level of the game to feature an Access Card that is optional by design. Specifically, the Blue Access Card is not needed to complete the level and even seems intended to misdirect the player. Following this level, another unnecessary Access Card is later found on Prima Arena. Although a few Access Cards can also be skipped on previous levels, such skips involve exploits that were not intended by the developers.
  • The green police box teleporter is a reference to the TARDIS from the BBC's British TV series Doctor Who.
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