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Blade of Justice is the first level of the "Resistance" episode of Alien Armageddon.


With Duke Nukem and Bombshell captured by Emperor Braccus and forced to take part in Fragathon XCVI on the planet Varanos, there is currently no one on Earth who can stand up to the persistent threat of the aliens... or is there? Enter Wes Wolf, a dhampir (vampire/human hybrid) who has dedicated his life to fighting vampires and other supernatural monsters for the good of the planet. Who's to say he can't add alien bastards to that list? Wes must traverse through the destroyed city streets of his hometown and find out who is behind this secondary invasion (after Duke Nukem and Bombshell thwarted the initial one) and what the goals of this new mastermind might be. Armed with his trusty Vorpal Sword and a .44 Magnum revolver, Wes wastes no time in getting to work... with a surprising bit of outside help, as he will soon find out when his adventure begins.


There are 4 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: An Armed Home is a Happy Home[]

Upon entering Wes' home using the Self-Shrink item, head through the living room and into Wes' study/home office. The bookshelf to the right of the desk has a button on its right side. Hit it to gain access to Wes' personal stash of weapons, including a Shotgun, Vorpal Sword, Bow and Arrow, Armor, and various types of ammo!

Secret 2: Window Dressing[]

When you exit the starting apartment building (which contains Wes' apartment), take out the Pig Cops patrolling the streets, and go all the way to the opposite end of the road where there is a dumpster, a small stairway, and a window up on a ledge; the window can be jumped through. Doing so will net you a box of Ice Bombs and a Blueball Energy Drink for a small health boost, if needed. Tasty!

Secret 3: Home Invasion[]

After going through the "BLURRED" nightclub, you will emerge in a separate part of the city, and will come across a large bridge with a Pig Cop Tank. Clear all the enemies here and then once you cross the bridge, you will see a parked semi truck and two high-up windows on your left. Make your way up to those windows and go through either of them to find an Assault Trooper and a .44 Revolver.

Secret 4: Girding for some Health[]

In the same area, ahead of the parked semi, you will notice an Atomic Health sitting tantalizingly on top of a metal girder. Head to the back left corner where the Pig Cop and parked police cruiser are, jump up to the ledge from the dumpster and make your way onto the roof to collect it.