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Bgame Productions was a modding team. The team had over a dozen members and released the Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition total conversion Starship Troopers TC; a demo of the mod was released on May 25th, 1999, while the full version was released on June 20th, 2000. Patches for the mod were released on June 20th, 2000, August 9th, 2004, and July 22nd, 2005. A version of Starship Troopers TC was released to be able to work with the EDuke32 source port on June 14th, 2009; a map pack containing 20 additional levels was released for the EDuke32 version of the mod on June 15th, 2009.

Team members[]

  • Acid 8000 – Multiplayer level designer
  • Rik Beerthuizen – Multiplayer level designer
  • C3P0 – Bgame’s head level creator, level design consultant
  • Copperhand – Level designer
  • Crono – Multiplayer level designer
  • Deathtoll – Voice talent
  • Flakk – Multiplayer level designer, CTF level designer
  • Fussel – Bgame’s head GFX artist, textures
  • GirlOnline – Level designer, briefing map
  • Jopapa – Voice talent
  • Berislav Markovic (a.k.a. Moloch) – Bgame Productions CEO, Bgame Productions editor, TC project organizer and leader, 3D models, level designer, texture designer, CON editing, sound editing, webmaster and site design, public relations
  • Boris Markovic – Bgame Productions founder, Bgame Productions director, CON hacker, QA leader, Starship Troopers TC project sponsor
  • Melancholy – Level designer, voice talent
  • M.O.R.D. – Bgame’s head SFX artist, soundtrack music samples
  • RAM – Level designer, chariot and brain models
  • Red – Tanker bug model, warrior bug model
  • Salacius Crumb (a.k.a. SC) – Level designer
  • Shoma – Voice talent

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