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The Bellowsaur is a cut enemy from Duke Nukem Forever. It appears in 2 maps and has unfinished AI.


The Bellowsaur is a large, green dinosaur-like creature with two digitigrade-like legs, two tails and a giant mouth, that has a pair of spikes below it's mouth. Each foot has two spikes for toes.


The Bellowsaur is a barely challenging enemy, has the damage it does is very small, it runs slowly and the pathfinding for it is missing, so hinding before a wall will make the AI stop and print in the console "PATH NOT FOUND". The health of the Bellowsaur is also low, as very few quick kicks are necessary for it to die. The Bellowsaur also lacks a immolation and shrinking class, causing it to not properly be set on fire and not being able to be shrinked by the Shrinkray. This combined shows that the Bellowsaur was a WIP.

Unused animations hint at it having a "Scream" attack and being able to eat corpses and them spit them at the player. !EggPod_Test1 features a Bellowsaur performing the scream attack as a static prop that doesn't deal damage.


The Bellowsaur, along with other enemies such as the Adult Snatcher and Tesla Raptor, were scrapped.