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Beer is an item in Duke Nukem Forever, it replaces the Portable Medkit of the original game as a recovery item.



Front view of the beer can.

Drinking beer makes Duke tougher and reduces damage by 75% for a short period of time, although when the player consumes a beer Duke becomes drunk and his vision becomes very blurry. There is also a slight slow motion effect, but not enough to really change gameplay, besides humorously making sounds deeper. Beer in DNF is in a large 40 oz. can. Duke can carry beer in his inventory to drink later.

To unlock some trophies/achievements, drink beer for the first time, drink beer and take steroids together, or drink all 8 beers in the strip club.

Easter eggs[]

  • The small text on the lower portion of the can reads, "Some text that is much too small to read, but that gives the impression that there's actually something worthwhile."
  • After drinking a beer, Duke can sometimes be heard uttering, "You're my boy, Blue!" Here he is quoting Frank "the Tank" in Old School.
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