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Beach babe

Beach Babe on Caribbean Catastrophe

Beach Babes are women in bikinis who roam the world in Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


  • The Beach Babes tend to move at random, but their movement is biased in Duke's direction.
  • Although they are not affected by the sight of aliens or shootings, they will move faster when damaged.
  • They are capable of sinking and walking on the ground underwater.

Voice recordings

When approached, the Beach Babes may say one of the following lines:

  • "Duke..."
  • "Mmm... you've got such a big muscle."
  • "Watch where you point that thing!..." (said in a playful tone)
  • "Hey! Watch where you point that thing!" (said in an angry tone)

When damaged, they will continuously scream and occasionally interject with one of the following:

  • "You're ruining my vacation!"
  • "Help me, Duke!"


The Beach Babes are similar to the mouse animatronics on Babe Land in that they move at random and pose no threat. However, they differ from the animatronics in that using the "dnmonsters" cheat will cause them to disappear. This is because the data for the Beach Babes overwrites the Assault Captains from the base game. Nevertheless, they are not enemies, and they neither count towards the "Enemies Killed" on the level-end screen nor appear under the "New Enemies" section of the game manual.

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