The BMF Thunderstrike is a weapon in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. It's features include near perfect accuracy and extremely powerful blast.

Not for use in tight areas where Duke may kill himself with it, in open areas it exells and can wipe out multiple enemies in a single blast if they are within it's large radius. Due to it's power and accuracy, it's ammo is reduced to one round per shot.

Other than bosses, this will kill any enemy with just one blast. The ammo it takes are BMF coils.


In Multiplayer, the BMF Thunderstrike is a good, if not the best weapon you can get. It's capable of easily overpowering any other weapon. It's good when your being chased, or if your doing the chasing. Remember not to get too close to it's blast to prevent suicide.


The BMF Thunderstrike was known as the M-64 Pulse Cannon during develpoment.

The BMF Thunderstrike has a scope, but it does not function.

You can find a BMF Thunderstrike in the levels Under Siege and The Brothers Nukem (wait for one of the dukes to wield it).

Due to it's power and accuracy, it is capable of giving the player a VERY unfair advantage against either enemies or other players in multi.

There are rotary cannons that fire Thunderstrike shots at you in various levels.


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