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The BMF Thunderstrike is a weapon exclusively found in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, exhibiting perfect accuracy and an extremely powerful blast.


The BMF Thunderstrike has perfect accuracy and deals more damage than any other weapon in the game. However, its maximum ammo capacity is limited to a single blast. It uses BMF coils for ammunition.

When fired, the BMF Thunderstrike produces an explosion with a massive blast radius that can kill several enemies at once. Other than bosses, it can kill any enemy with a single blast.

One notable disadvantage of the BMF Thunderstrike is that it requires the player to maintain a careful distance from the impact site while firing, or else the resulting blast can kill the player.

During the main campaign, the weapon can be found on the levels Under Siege and The Brothers Nukem, but it is also accessible during multiplayer.


  • Some levels in the game feature hostile rotary cannons that fire identical blasts as those fired by the BMF Thunderstrike.
  • The BMF Thunderstrike has a scope, but it does not function.
  • According to 3D Realms' website, the BMF Thunderstrike was known internally as the "M-64 Pulse Cannon" during development.
  • The BMF Thunderstrike looks and behaves like the Plasma Cannon from Duke Nukem 64, as well as the BFG9000 from Doom.