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The Army Ant is a scrapped enemy for Duke Nukem Forever.


The Army Ant is a soldier mutated to look like a bipedal ant.

This enemy appeared in the 1998 trailer. In it, a few variants of it can be seen. The first one is red colored and can be seen wielding a gun and using melee attacks. The second one behaves the same as the first one, but has a Predator-like cloaking system. The final variant is a large, grey colored version that can be seen chasing the player while they’re on a truck.


The Army Ant was scrapped from Duke Nukem Forever when the switch to Unreal Engine was made, around Autumn of 1998. Like the sucessor to it, the core idea of people mutating into monsters stayed up to the final game, with the EDF turning into Pigcops.


  • While the Army Ant was revealed in 1998, its name wasn’t known until concept art for it was released in 2011 on the Duke Nukem Forever website.


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