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Area 59 is the fifth (as of v4.0 onwards) level of the "New Invasion" episode of Alien Armageddon.


After navigating through the underwater portion of the destroyed city, Duke Nukem and Bombshell find themselves at some sort of hidden test facility. What sort of experiments could be going on at a place like this? And why does it seem like there's something... extra secretive about this location? Like there's something else being hidden. Whatever it is, it can't be a good sign.


Secret 1: "Miner 69er, eh?"[]

When you get to the giant room full of lava that is being overlooked by a couple Rangers, use your Jetpack to fly up to the upper right platform. There is a somewhat-hidden path up here that leads to a secret mine containing Railgun ammo, Night Vision Goggles, and a... Blue Access Card slot....?

Secret 2: Up, Up...[]

After opening the giant "Restricted Area" full of Armored Pigs, head over to the room labelled "Medical Lab", but before going inside, turn around. To the left of the "High Voltage" sign is some sort of long vertical shaft. Fly up into it to find an Atomic Health and an Incinerator.

Secret 3: ...and Away![]

Open "Pumping Station: 2" via the Yellow Access Card, clear out the rabble and then look to your right to see a giant waterfall. Hope you have enough Jetpack fuel left! There is one laying about in the map in case you're running low, though. Fly to the top of the waterfall to find the Double G.

Secret Exit: "Name's Ash... *cocks gun* Housewares."[]

Still inside the Yellow Key area, this time head to your left to see a much smaller waterfall and some catwalks, guarded by a few Cyberbeasts and Turrets. In addition to that, to the right of the waterfall, you can also spot the Blue Access Card! Grab the card, and instead of using it to open the regular exit, take it back to the first secret area and use it there. Doing this opens up the stone wall blocking your path, revealing the Necronomicon itself. Approaching it will cause Duke to utter "Klaatu barada nikto!", which not only reveals an Atomic Health and the Double G, but also opens up a portal leading to the Secret Level of the episode: Red 2 Zombie Edition!