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The Area 51 Security Robot is an enemy introduced in the The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC campaign for Duke Nukem Forever.

"Area 51 Security Robot" is an official name given on loading screens and during in-game dialogue, but "Dukeinator" is another commonly used name that has taken hold in the online community. They are also identified as "Duke Bot" when speaking to one in Me, Myself, and I.


The Area 51 Security Robots are manufactured by Dr. Proton in Area 51 in order to destroy the resurgent alien invasion force on the moon, kill the Alien Empress, kill Duke Nukem and take over the world. Although never explicitly stated, the innerworkings of the facilities on The Clone Carousel seem to suggest that the Security Robots are being combined with Duke's genetic material in order to create Duke Clones, which are half-machine and half-biological. However, they behave differently than Duke Clones in combat and are later shown policing the Duke Clones on Me, Myself, and I, suggesting the two are not fully interchangeable.

Combat Analysis[]

While Security Bots are very slow on the battlefield and have trouble turning at a decent speed, they attack well enough with their weapons, leaving them a viable threat that must be attended to. They attack with an assortment of weapons and can toss Pipe Bombs at Duke, flushing him out of cover. Their melee attacks are unimpressive, thus if the player gets close enough to one (that is not wielding a Shotgun), they can quickly melee it into destruction.

Other tactical options in dealing with them include:

  • Shrink Ray works very well against them. On the level The Clone Carousel there is a Shrink Ray with an Explosives Cache and EDF Ammo Crate, allowing the player the option of shrinking them down and spamming the area with Pipe Bombs to quickly take them out.
  • Expander shots work like an electro magnetic pulse and will disable them for several seconds. It does not have any other benefits.
  • While it looks like it should not work, Security Bots can be frozen and setup for executions with the Freeze Ray.


  • An early version of the Area 51 Security Robot, officially known as the EDF-209, can be seen in the 2001 E3 trailer and leaked Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build
  • In Rude Awakening, there is an ongoing battle between Security Robots and Assault Troopers. The Security Bots alternate between one using a Shotgun, Ripper and Shrink Ray. The Security Bots were coded to stomp on enemy targets if they are close enough. Against the player, this stomp would do 50 dmg. on Normal (which appears to be standard of amount of damage a player would take from a stomp).
Weapon Effectivenesses
4 strikes
1 strike
M1911 Pistol
7 shots
1 shell
14 shots
1 shot
1 rocket
7 rockets
Shrink Ray
Shrink Ray
1 blast
Freeze Ray
1.042 seconds
Freeze Ray (3D)
4 cubes
AT Laser
3 bursts
AT Captain Laser
7 lasers
Enforcer Gun
1 shot
Pipe Bomb
1 pipebomb
Trip Mine
1 mine
2 shots
  • Note: The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
  • Note: these are non-head shot values only
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