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Area 51

Cutscene outside Area 51

Area 51 is the first area of Duke Nukem Advance, and features three levels.


While being the beginning of Duke Nukem Advance, it is not Duke's first visit to this research center, as the same setting was featured in Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, see Area 51). The location is again taken over by aliens, who now tries to awaken the Hybrid army of Grays, kept in stasis. The occupying aliens are commanded by Spiderlord, who is the boss battle in the final 3rd level.

Part One[]

Area 51 Mission Brief

The Area 51 Mission Brief.

Duke Nukem travels through a teleporter leading him deeper into Area 51. In the section he is tasked on locating a Data Disc by General Graves containing intel on a covert operation the Aliens are leading on the creation of a new Alien race.

Part Two[]

Duke is forced to travel into the labs in search of a Satlink Laptop which is capable of uploading the contents of the Data Disc to General Graves.

Part Three[]

After uploading the data Duke is tasked to taking out the hibernating army to put a dent into the Alien invasion plan. Spiderlord attacks Duke here.

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