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Alien World Order is the fifth episode of Duke Nukem 3D. The fifth episode was added to the game as part of the 20th Anniversary Edition and contains eight levels, including one secret level. Levels in this episode are based in cities from around the world, including Amsterdam, Moscow, London, Giza, Paris, San Francisco, Hollywood, and Rome. The final boss is the Cycloid Incinerator.

High Times


Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E5L1
Music Bullet Dam
Par time 3:15
Duke's time 1:38
Enemies 26 - 93
Secrets 4

Red Ruckus


Designer(s) Richard "Levelord" Gray
File name E5L2
Music Dukelinka
Par time 5:14
Duke's time 3:07
Enemies 76 - 179
Secrets 5

Bloody Hell


Designer(s) Richard "Levelord" Gray,
Randy Pitchford
File name E5L3
Music Big Ben Bang
Par time 4:12
Duke's time 2:06
Enemies 39 - 113
Secrets 5

Mirage Barrage

This level contains a secret exit to Prima Arena.


Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E5L4
Music Desert Maze
Par time 10:32
Duke's time 7:45
Enemies 45 - 153
Secrets 6

Prima Arena (Secret Level)

This level is reached via the secret exit on Mirage Barrage.


Designer(s) Richard "Levelord" Gray
File name E5L8
Music Roman Thunder
Par time 5:40
Duke's time 3:20
Enemies 43 - 64
Secrets 5

Tour de Nukem


Designer(s) Richard "Levelord" Gray
File name E5L5
Music Paris Manson
Par time 6:54
Duke's time 4:27
Enemies 51 - 131
Secrets 5

Golden Carnage


Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E5L6
Music Bridge Out
Par time 7:25
Duke's time 5:50
Enemies 61 - 208
Secrets 5

Hollywood Inferno

The boss on this level is the Cycloid Incinerator.


Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E5L7
Music Pluck You Part One
Par time 7:30
Duke's time 5:15
Enemies 32 - 87
Secrets 3
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