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For the Duke Nukem 3D boss, see Alien Queen (DN3D).

The Alien Queen is the third boss in Duke Nukem Forever and is the culmination of the journey through The Hive.


The Alien Queen is a gigantic three-breasted monster that is encountered in the Duke Dome after Duke Nukem navigates through the alien-infested Hive. She was unleashed on the Duke Dome by the aliens, some time during the start of their invasion (according to the construction workers near the Dome). She quickly made her nest inside the dome, creating the Hive.

The Alien Queen is another alien-human hybrid like the first Alien Queen killed in Duke Nukem 3D. Her head is very similar to the Cycloid Emperor, her lower body, which stretches through and out the Hive, is that of an Octabrain. Her breasts and fingers on the claws are that of human. It is notable that she apparently has the same energy inside of her body as the Octabrains: upon being killed, she erupts in an explosion. It appears that the Alien Queen is bred to be a quick way to establish a hive, as she was able to create one in about 4-6 hours. She is the mother of the Pregnators and the source of all organic alien lifeforms within the Hive.

Combat Analysis[]

Initially, she does nothing except keep her arms in the way; this protects her from all physical attacks. The player will need to bounce a Pipe Bomb off a bounce pad and wait until it ends up between her arms and the rest of her body, then detonate it (Typically counting to three seems to give enough time). This will damage her and leave her vulnerable to a barrage of RPG blasts. After the first attack she will start to go on offensive and attack Duke anytime he is visible.

During the battle she will continue to keep her arms up while Duke is in cover and will periodically launch oversized pods towards the arena edge where Duke is. These contain a Pregnator and should be taken care of while Duke is taking cover from the Alien Queen. Try to time attacks so the player can bounce a Pime Bomb over, unload the RPG and get back to cover before the next pod spawns.

When her health gets low (less than 1000), the Alien Queen's strategy changes. She will no longer take cover behind her arms and will periodiclly roar and summon an Octabrains to aid her. Use Pipe Bombs to take care of them and make sure they are re-stocked before the next one appears. Continue to go back and forth between cover and firing off more RPGs. Eventually, the Queen will be disabled and fall to the arena edge where Duke is.

Upon being defeated, Duke must perform a Strength Tap to mortally wounded the Queen by making her bite off her own tongue, after which the energy explodes inside of her, severing the Queen's head.

Weapon Effectivenesses
22 rockets
Enforcer Gun
Pipe Bomb
22 pipebombs
Trip Mine
  • Note: The values given for explosive weapons are minimum values only.
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