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The Alien Dropship is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever that ferries troop reinforcements.


The Dropship is a large alien flying vehicle that look similar to the Gunship. They have an open hatch in the middle which allows them to deploy their load. When encountered, they will drop enemies off Pig Cops, Assault Troopers, Assault Captains, and Assault Enforcers. They do not have weapons of their own to attack Duke; that's what their enemy payload is for.

Just like the Gunship, the Dropship can be shot down, but only with turrets or explosive weapons. They have a considerable amount of health which is complicated by the enemies they deploy to attack Duke. After deployment, they will fly away, barring a couple exceptions.

  • The Duke Dome, Part 1: During the ambush at the portable office a dropship will remain as enemies continue to spawn from various points in the area. Destroying it will automatically kill all the incoming enemies and trigger the final part of the ambush with the Berserk Pigcops knocking the portable over.
  • Final Battle: During the fight with the Cycloid Emperor, a dropship will regularly drop off Pigcops, normally 1 or 2 at a time, all equipped with RPGs. This dropship is invincible until the final part of the battle after the EDF Gunship drops off the Devsatator. At which point, it can be targeted and destroyed, which will greatly reduce the number of enemies that spawn to attack Duke alongside the boss.


  • The name dopeship is a refenrece to dope fish.
  • The dropships used in the Mothership Battle have 2400 health.
  • There are instances where the Dropphip's heath in greatly increased and/or their ability to take damage is disabled, such as all the dropships used in The Duke Burger: Part 3 (Set to invincible and HP set to 9999).
Weapon Effectivenesses
10 rockets
60 rockets
Enforcer Gun
8 shots
Pipe Bomb
10 pipebombs
Trip Mine
10 mines
58 shots
  • Note: The values given for explosive weapons are minimum values only.
  • Note: Calculated on the Lets Rock dificulty setting
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