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Alien Crabs are enemies introduced in Duke Nukem Advance. Though they aren't seen hatching from the Alien Eggs, they are assumed to be bred from them.


The creature looks like a large crab, except more alien in appearance. It also has razor claws and shark-like teeth. The Alien Crab is rather small, but fast creature, that mostly attacks by spitting green acid.

Combat Analysis[]

It can attack the player in melee with its claws and it also has the ability to spit acid which can do significant damage. Though not able to take much punishment due to its relatively small size in comparsion to the player, it can be very hard to hit as well as the fact it can move around quite quickly.


  • The Alien Crabs look very similar to Spiderlord, suggesting a connection.
  • Alien Crabs appear to be breed exclusively on Alien Lord's ship.
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