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The Alien Controller

The Alien Controller is the second boss in Duke Nukem Advance. He is encountered in Episode 2 Level 3.



The Alien Controller and his robot

It's a large crab-like robot piloted by a Hybrid who calls himself the Controller. The Alien Controller's goal in Egypt was to oversee the awakening of a large army of Alien Hybrids (Grays), kept in stasis. They were to be used in an attempt to take over the world but it ultimately fails as Duke Nukem manages to shut down the environmental regulators as well as drain the hibernation tanks which destroys the planned invasion force. It's weapons are two-pincers and some sort of energy gun. He is also protected by an energy shield that makes him immune to every weapon Duke has. The player must fight off the Controller as much as possible until General Graves radios Duke and explains that Duke's weapons will have no effect due to the shields. Though the shields make the Alien Controller almost invulnerable, they cannot protect him from the crusher that Duke Nukem tries to activate later in the battle.

Combat Analysis[]

He has two main weapons; pincers for melee and what appears to be a rapid fire energy weapon that does 4 damage per hit. After he takes several hits from Duke Nukem General Graves will contact Duke Nukem and explain that the Alien Controller is being protected by energy shields which means Duke Nukem's weapons were having no effect. The only option left is to flick two nearby switches in nearby rooms that activate the large crusher in the center of the room where the Alien Controller is while at the same time avoiding the Alien Controller's attacks in the search for switches. Once Duke flicks the two switches the crusher goes online and instantly kills the Alien Controller. When Duke returns to the large room he will see what's left of the Alien Controller and his machine. Shortly after Duke soon discovers that The Alien Controller set a Self-Destruct sequence just before he died in hopes of collapsing the Eygptian Temple and taking Duke with it. However Duke Nukem manages to fight his way through the collapsing temple and escape through the use of an Alien Teleporter thus foiling the Alien Controller's final act.


The Alien Controller's death

Note: Depending on the skill level other aliens will be helping the Alien Controller kill Duke.

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