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Adolf Hitler was a dictator of Germany who was the leader of Nazi Germany in World War II.


Hitler rose to leadership in Nazi Germany and fought against the allies in World War II. His Nazi encountered and allied with the like-minded Vrilerinnen. One of his loyal senior officers Jurgen Hoff, acted as a liaison with the aliens on Rugen Island, while the captured prisoners were forced to work on constructing the advanced alien ships in exchange for helping them create superbeings.

However, the aliens began to doubt the competency of the Germans and contacted the help of another alien force, destroyed the nazi soldierds including Jurgon Hoff.

The Vril, with the exception of their leader Maria, fled within their saucer. They were intending to travel to Germany to usurp Germany from the Fuhrer. However, this did not come to pass due of Connor Sean's kamikzae sacrifice by raming the ship with a jetpack and wielding two grenades.

After Duke saved the world from the Vril-ya during world war 2, he travelled to confront Hitler during the ending days of the war. Despite the fact that the Russians and Americans, the dictator was still undeterred. It was after that moment when Duke teleported behind him, and when Duke confronted him (calling him "Shitler"), he committed suicide.


Adolf Hitler's appearance matched how he appeared in real life. He had short black hair and a think black moustache.


  • The character was a real life person who was the leader of the Nazis and led them during World War 2.
  • There have been rumours that Hitler had an interest in either the occult or the paranormal, which has been a common story element.
  • While in real life, Hitler commited suicide on his own, the comic book story had it that Hitler still believed he was not deterred during his gradual defeat, only commiting suicide upon being faced by Duke.