Duke Nukem Wiki

Action figures based on the Duke Nukem franchise were manufactured by a toy company called ReSaurus and released in 1998, the line consists of three Duke variants and three enemies.

Duke Nukem: The Action Figure[]

"Duke can hold ALL of his weapons at one time! Place the Devastator into Duke's hands, as shown, and attach his knife to the back of his web gear, or you can hang the Devastator off the web gear and place Duke's Knife and MP-5's onto him as shown in the illustrations. Place the Knife in Duke's hand and twist his waist to slash aliens! Duke has 13 points of awesome alien butt-kicking articulation!"

Duke Nukem (Re-release)[]

"Gaming's #1 personality and undisputed King of 3D Action! Duke Nukem can hold all of his weapons at the same time! Including a Devastator 4 Barrel Rocket Launcher, a FreezeThrower weapon, an MP-5 Submachine Gun, and a Knife! Kick some Alien Butt!"

NightStrike Duke Nukem[]

"Duke's ready for some after-dark alien action, but this ain't your ordinary evening wear! NightStrike Duke Nukem wears all black combat clothes and comes with a stocking cap and a ball cap. He carries a specially modified silencer and rifle stock, a regular MP-5 Submachine Gun, a Knife, and a rope!"


"This huge brain havin', octopus-like, three-eyed Alien uses his razor sharp teeth and mental power to annihilate Duke Nukem. Octabrain sports a bite action jaw, flexible tentacles, and his highly detailed brain opens up to reveal OctaGoo Slime."


"This advanced mutant bacon lives only to serve and protect the other Aliens. The dreaded PigCops are indeed ruthless killers. PigCop comes with his ShotGun, Nightstick, Flak Jacket, and a GasMask."


"The deadliest of all the Aliens! The nearly unstoppable BattleLord has incredibly detailed alien skin, teeth and claws. BattleLord includes an over-under ChainGun with spinning action, 5 piece battle armor, a SkullBlade, and a Dagger."

S.W.A.T. Duke Nukem (Previews Exclusive)[]

"Hail to the King, Baby! It's a Previews Exclusive! Everybody loves the Duke (and we ain't talking about John Wayne!) and now Previews has an exclusive Duke Nukem figure decked out as a member of a S.W.A.T. team! Yep, it's time to go on maneuvers with Duke in his new outfit, complete with black SWAT tank top, turned back black cap, and personal arsenal of death and destruction. Special Weapons and Tactics?! Dukes' a living weapon, baby!"

Unreleased figures[]

ReSaurus had planned, sketched, and even sculpted prototypes for numerous variants and new characters that never saw the light of day. These consist of:

  • Moon Assault Leader (a.k.a. Overlord)
  • Western Pig Cop
  • Cyborg Enforcer
  • Scuba Duke Nukem
  • Bombshell
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem (Special Holiday Edition)
  • Octabrain (Special Holiday Edition)
  • Military Pig Cop