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AMC Pleaser VR is a single-player level in the "Space Gladiators" episode of Alien Armageddon.


In this VR simulation, Duke Nukem and Bombshell must clear out a downtown area containing several different types of locations, including apartment buildings, a movie theater, and a Karaoke Bar.


There are 8 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Looping Around[]

Exit the building you start in, circle around to the other side of it and jump through the window. In here, you will find Shotgun ammo, and a Holoduke.

Secret 2: False Alarm[]

Inside the Blue Access Card building, head up to the second floor. You will eventually come to a narrow hallway-like room with a ventilation duct on the wall, and a Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguisher to your left. Press the Fire Alarm and head to the opposite side of the room to find a secret compartment has opened, containing Armor and Steroids.

Secret 3: Healthy Reading[]

In the building that requires the Yellow Access Card, head to the second floor and go inside Apartment 101. From here, jump out the window onto the roof and head to the adjacent building, jumping through the window here as well. Inside this new room, jump behind the bookshelf in the left corner closes to the window to get a Small Medkit.

Secret 4: Occupied![]

Inside the Karaoke Bar, head to the bathroom, break open the ventilation duct and crawl through to the other bathroom, which is locked from the outside. Jump over the left stall door (this may take a few tries) to find Shotgun ammo.

Secret 5: Not a Big Sewer Fan[]

Drop into the Octabrain-filled sewers, and you will eventually come across a fan up on the wall with sewage coming out. Break open the fan and jump on through to find Incinerator ammo and a BMFG.

Secret 6: Up, Up and Away[]

After finding the Jetpack in the sewer room with the two moving cogs/gears, head back to where you blew a hole in the wall and fly directly up through the hole in the ceiling. Keep following this path to emerge into a high-up apartment room with an Atomic Health.

Secret 7: Rooftop Rumble, Part 1[]

Back out in the central outside area, face the building sitting in the grassy area with the palm trees and Jetpack up to its roof to find 2 boxes of RPG ammo and a Portable Medkit.

Secret 8: Rooftop Rumble, Part 2[]

Directly from the previous rooftop secret, fly to the rooftop nearest you (that had a Battlelord on it) to find 3 units of Babifier ammo, and an Atomic Health.